zdoc /docs/kucykon
  Date: 26th-28th June 2020
  Place: Bednarska Szkoła Podstawowa - Terytorium Raszyńska
  ul. Raszyńska 22 
  02-026 Warsaw, Poland
  Ticket cost: NOT FOUND

Kucykon 2020 is the 2nd edition of the largest polish convention for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV Series, taking place in Warsaw at summer. During almost 3 days attendees can participate in various activities such as: listening lectures about MLP topics, taking part in competitions, integrating with each other during playing board and console games, singing at karaoke and many, many more. At the convention there will be also plenty of vendors selling various pony merch, often handmade.

Traditionally there is a possibility to sleep at convention place. During the nights most of panel rooms will be open for attendees to sleep there. We highly encourage to take this opportunity - not only for saving money but also for participation in the nightly attractions! Just remember to bring your karimata or sleeping bag.